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It’s our privilege to serve with the following organizations that deliver bras to the women and girls who need them. We also provide bras on an individual basis to anyone who contacts us and expresses a need.

Church and Community Development for All People Free Store

This ministry will always be special to us because it is the place where our mission was born. We’ve supplied bras for their Santa Shop for seven years now, beginning in December of 2010. We also regularly fill the Free Store’s drawer for women’s bras.

Huckleberry House

We enjoyed touring this facility and think they’re doing amazing work by providing a safe haven for teenage runaways. The staff is so inspiring in the amount of compassion and love they have for the kids. We regularly make large deliveries of bras to their location, and we have received very positive feedback. The girls in their programs are excited to have their own new bras that fit, and the organization has communicated a continued need for more bras because of the large number of teens who go through their wonderful programs every day.

Westerville City Schools Middle and High Schools

We have supplies of bras in the guidance offices of all the Westerville City Schools middle and high schools. Additionally, school counselors have our contact information so they can easily request specialty sizes and replenishment of their supplies. We recently were able to provide a supply of sports bras for a student athlete who needed them so she could comfortably participate in sports.

Westerville Area Resource Ministry (W.A.R.M.)

We are honored to partner with W.A.R.M., an organization which provides countless Westerville families with the resources they need. We held a bra distribution day at which W.A.R.M.'s clients were invited to come to one of our workshops and pick out new bras. We were able to distribute over a hundred bras in just a few hours to girls and women in need right here in our community. We are excited to partner with W.A.R.M. for more bra drives in the future.

Church of the Good Shepherd Free Store

This free store opened in October of 2013, and we have made regular deliveries of a variety of sizes of bras since then. Although it is only open on the third Saturday of each month, this free store serves a large population, and uses frequent deliveries from us.

Common Ground Free Store

This organization knows what it’s doing! We are so impressed by this free store in Delaware’s efficiency at identifying and getting bras to where they are most needed. Within minutes of our deliveries, the bras are hung up and on the racks for their clients. The staff is so full of energy and compassion. It’s always fun for us, who are normally behind the scenes, to be able to meet and hear stories from some of the women we are serving. In fact, many of the people receiving aid from this organization are also volunteers, and it is really exciting to be in an environment where the volunteers and the clients are completely indistinguishable.

Amethyst, Inc.

This is a shelter where women struggling with addiction, and their children, can receive support and treatment. Amethyst’s goal is to help these vulnerable people gain economic stability, permanent housing, healthy relationships, and sustainable, lifelong recovery from chemical dependencies and their adverse effects. We have been making regular deliveries to Amethyst since December of 2013, and in 2014 we received an envelope in the mail which was full of thank-you notes from the women who received our bras. Many of the women had never owned a new bra before, and so this was really a special gift for them. We have continued making regular deliveries to Amethyst, and we keep in contact so that we can provide for any specific needs.

CATCH Court (Changing Actions to Change Habits)

This program in the Franklin County courts works to help victims of human trafficking  who are involved in the criminal justice system break the cycle of poverty, desperation, and violence through education and support. Rather than sending them to jail again and again, CATCH Court works to empower these women and give them an opportunity to have a different life. Not only does this help the victims directly, but CATCH Court benefits the entire community by decreasing crime and increasing the number of people able to positively contribute to society. We think it is especially important for these women to receive their own brand new bras, along with handwritten notes of encouragement to remind them that someone cares.

Samaritan's Feet

As a result of a joint event with this amazing organization which distributes new shoes to children in need all around the world, we had the opportunity to send a shipment of bras to Botswana in November of 2016. It's pretty cool to think that we're having an international impact!

Star House

Star House is a homeless shelter for teens and young adults ages 14-24. It is the only drop-in homeless shelter that serves minors in Central Ohio, and it provides a multitude of different services, from showers, laundry facilities, toiletries and clothes to counseling services and a safe place to be.

Chloe, Inc.

This is a really cool organization. It works to help young moms break the cycle of poverty by providing them with support and education. Then, as young women attend educational workshops on prenatal care, child safety, proper nutrition, parenting, and much, much more, they receive “points” which they can then spend in Chloe’s Closet, a collection of baby supplies and toys, along with nice things for the mothers. For this organization, we provide nursing bras as well as a variety of other bras for young women receiving support from this organization. We frequently get requests from this organization for specialty sizes and, thanks to all of our generous donors, we are able to purchase these sizes and fulfill this need.

YWCA Family Center

This organization raised our awareness of how many women were in need, and also educated us on the women we serve. We are thankful for this perspective from the professionals who serve others every day. The YWCA Family Center is a transitional housing facility for families, providing a wide range of services to help them move into a more stable situation. Because of the nature of this facility, there is very little room for the coordinators to store things like bra donations, so we do not regularly make deliveries to this center.