Many organizations help to make our ministry possible in every aspect, from helping to collect and purchase bras, to creating the notes of affirmation, to identifying and distributing bras to the people who need them.

We are very grateful for organizations which have partnered with us to provide funds, bras, and tags, including:

Support from United Methodist Women (UMW) Groups:

  • Church of the Messiah United Methodist Church UMW
    • Hartlee and Sarah are both members of the Church of the Messiah, and from the very beginning, the UMW has been behind us. One of our first fundraisers was at the All Daughter Dinner in 2011. We were overwhelmed with the response and contributions from these women. Bethany Circle, Miriam Circle, Ruth Inez Circle, and Lydia Circle have all supported us generously, both financially and in helping us to make tags and process bras. Individual women have made generous donations of their time and money, as well as spreading the word to friends and neighbors.
  • Lithopolis United Methodist Church UMW Trinity Circle
  • Worthington United Methodist Church
  • Hopewell United Methodist Church UMW
  • Prospect St. United Methodist Church UMW
  • Church of the Master United Methodist Church UMW
  • Grove City United Methodist Church UMW
  • Linworth United Methodist Church UMW
  • Stonybrook United Methodist Church UMW
  • Miami Valley District United Methodist Church UMW
  • Capital Area North District UMW Events
  • Hockingport United Methodist Church UMW

Support from Churches:

  • Church of the Messiah
    • Our church has been behind us from day one. From our largest individual donors to the second graders who brought training bras to our collection box to the guys in our youth group who like our Facebook page and are always willing to write a few tags on our retreats, our church family has helped us grow. After hearing about us from his wife, Senior Pastor Jim Wilson wrote a Facebook post that started with “I need bras.” His network of friends throughout the community and the state has responded with their support. In Fall 2012, our ministry was a highlight in the One Month of Serving. In 2013, Messiah designated Supporting the Girls as one of five missions supported by the birthday postcard project. Through this project, we received several hundred dollars in donations. When we first realized the need of bras went beyond just the teen girls we were serving at the time, we were able to apply for a grant from the church’s endowment fund. This grant allowed us to expand our mission to include bras and encouragement for girls and women of all ages. In 2014, we were named a Mission Partner, and we received over $5,100 in donations from our church, and in 2015, we were named a Mission Monthly, with an expected contribution, by the church, of about $2,000. We have remained a Mission Monthly each year since 2015. Without the help of our church, both financially and in networking and spreading the word, we would not have been able to help nearly as many organizations and women and children as we have. Thank you, Church of the Messiah!
  • Women’s Group, from Hilltop Church of God
    • We have no idea how this amazing group of women heard about us, but a member delivered 67 beautiful new bras to us one New Year’s Eve. She explained that she had hosted a Christmas gathering and challenged her friends to use the Kohl’s cash they had earned while Christmas shopping to pick out bras for people who needed them. It was inspiring to hear such a creative way to focus on others during the holidays.
  • Women’s Conference, of the New Albany Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    • Another Girl Scout leader invited us to be a part of the LDS women’s mission conference, a gathering of over a hundred women from all over Central Ohio. As part of the conference, the women spent time volunteering with several service organizations. During the several hours we spent with them, we were blessed by their infectious joy and spontaneity as they helped make tags, prepared bras for donation, and even made several impromptu “bra runs” to nearby stores, picking up the sizes we needed most.
  • Church of the Messiah and Church of the Master Youth
    • The youth groups from the Church of the Messiah and the Church of the master joined together to hold a bra drive and to tag bras together in 2013. We appreciate this support from our peers and our community.
  • Westerville Christian Youth Group
    • This group held a one-time tag-making and bra-processing event for us. We appreciate their help.

Support from Women's Groups and Civic Groups:

  • Women’s Life Chapter 803
    • This wonderful group of ladies collected bras (lots of them), made tags, and made a very generous financial contribution for our project. We really appreciate all that these women did to help us help others.
  • 100+ Women of Westerville
    • A new group formed in Westerville in Summer of 2016 invited us to speak in Fall 2016. We made several important connections and have some new volunteers at our workshops!
  • Leadership Westerville
    • We appreciate the support of Leadership Westerville for helping us raise awareness and funding in the Westerville community.
  • Westerville Chamber of Commerce – Women in Business
    • Supporting the Girls was featured as the nonprofit organization for the January 2017 Women and Business Luncheon. It was an honor to meet Stephanie Hightower and speak to the group about Supporting the Girls and have some help with a few tags. Thanks to our Leadership Westerville Team for putting this together.
  • Columbus Mothers of Twins Club
    • This organization is full of very community-oriented women, and from them we have been sent tags, bras, donations, and, in 2014, a $245 check as part of the Mother of the Year Banquet. We really appreciate all the help these women have given us.
  • Branch Club of the Tri-Village Lions Club
    • One of the women that worked with us at the LDS event was a member of a local Lion’s Club and invited us to share with their group. We received a check for $500 from this group in 2013, and in 2014, they sent us tags they had made. We appreciate their support.
  • Wise Women Gathering
    • A huge thank you to our friend Jennifer Vestal for including us in her annual holiday gathering of “wise women.” Mrs. Vestal hosts a unique collection of fascinating women, celebrating the roles that women play in the community and family during Christmastime. Each year, her friends have collected feminine products for WARM, and, more than once, she has invited us to also share our ministry. We spent the evening eating delicious food and connecting with women from all generations and all walks of life. We appreciated their financial donations, tag making, and creative suggestions.
  • Beta Sigma Phi Local Chapter
    • This group of women, part of an International Women’s friendship network, made tags and donated money in 2014. Thanks for your support!

Support from Students:

  • Otterbein University Center for Community Engagement Community Services Plunges
    • Each Fall and Spring since 2014, a group of Otterbein students has helped us write tags and process bras for a few hours. Since our first joint event in 2014, we've had around 200 Otterbein students volunteer with us. We always get a lot of work done. Things go so much faster with more hands, so thank you for your help!
  • ​Epsilon Kappa Tau Sorority at Otterbein University
    • We had a very productive workshop with the girls in this sorority in October of 2016. We made lots of tags and prepared lots of bras for donation.
  • Otterbein University Sisters in Leadership Program
    • ​We had a great workshop with this group of students in October of 2016. We focused on getting bras tagged and ready for the December, 2016 Santa Shop at the Church and Community Development for All People Free Store.
  • Alpha Chi Omega Sorority at OSU
    • We had a very successful workshop with this sorority, and we left with truly beautiful tags.
  • Beta Gamma Chapter of the Kappa Phi Club (Service Club of Christian Women) at Ohio Wesleyan University
    • We went up to Delaware to attend one of this group’s meetings, and we took tag-making and bra-processing supplies. We talked about our project and we worked with these ladies to get bras ready to be delivered.
  • Tau Delta Sorority at Otterbein
    • This group of girls helped us out by making beautiful tags for us. We really appreciate this help; making pretty tags is one of the most time-consuming parts of getting a delivery of bras ready for an organization.
  • Westerville South High School Key Club
    • The Key Club at our high school generously dedicated a meeting time to making tags for us to attach to bras.
  • Girl Scouts Westerville Service Unit
    • As part of their Service from the Heart program, the Westerville Service Unit of the Girl Scouts has partnered with us for three years in a row, beginning in 2012, to collect bras for our December Santa Shop project. Being Girl Scout alumni ourselves, we enjoyed meeting with several individual troops, from Brownies through Cadettes, to talk about the organization, shop for bras together, and make some adorable tags. Many Girl Scout leaders of Westerville troops have also been invaluable in their ability to network and connect us with other women’s groups in the area. (When they were younger, Hartlee and Sarah were part of Troop 126, a multi-age troop at Hanby Elementary in Westerville, and also worked independently as Juliettes.  Their primary focus was on service projects in the community and the world).
  • Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland Council
    • Thanks to Deb Seckel of the Westerville Service Unit for suggesting that Supporting the Girls partner with the Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland Council. In September of 2013 and April of 2014, the Adult Camporee, involving approximately 135 leaders from across the state, collected hundreds of bras and made hundreds of tags for us. We are so grateful for all of these donations, and we’re excited about spreading the word to other troops and service units within the Council.
  • Capital University Circle K Club
    • Through a connection with Trinity Circle, this group of college students sent us wonderful tags.

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