We depend on the willingness of others to contribute to our project, whether with financial gifts and in-kind donations, or in helping us process bras and make notes. 

You can help us in a few different ways:

  • Financial donations are tax-deductible, and checks can be written to Supporting the Girls and sent to the address on our contact page.

  • We greatly appreciate in-kind donations of ​NEW bras, as well as ribbon and scrapbooking supplies (for making notes). These supplies can also be mailed to the address on our contact page.

  • You can also help us by making some of the affirmation notes which are attached to each bra we distribute. Our goal is that whoever receives a bra from us feels special, and can clearly see that somebody else spent time writing and decorating an encouraging note for them. Please see the instructions and suggestions below.*

  • Please feel free to  email us with any questions, and please also remember that we CANNOT accept used bras, even if they are only gently used.

*If you want to help us make notes, please carefully read our instructions. We hate to waste resources and supplies, but there are some notes which we cannot use. We have very high standards because we want every note to communicate how much we care about each and every girl and woman we serve. If tags look like they were made in a hurry or have lots of spelling errors, it doesn't look like someone spent time lovingly making them. 

Please read our Tag-Making Instructions and our Message Suggestions before you begin. The photos on this page are of usable tags we have made and received, so check those out if you're not sure how to begin. Tags can be mailed to the address on our contact page.

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